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Sightsavers launches its new digital campaign #EyeAmFree this Independence Day

Correspondent (Delhi) On occasion of 72nd Independence Day, Sightsavers India, a leading global development organization, launches its new digital campaign #EyeAmFree; the aim of the campaign is to celebrate the concept of a truly free nation by celebrating freedom with inclusive attitudes and beliefs towards the economically marginalized and disabled individuals in society. 

With this campaign, Sightsavers urges the people of India to celebrate the festival by pledging ‘Eye Am Free’—to honor freedom to learn, see, earn and to be, for millions of economically underprivileged citizens.

Sightsavers has positively impacted the lives of millions of people in India, whether it is by restoring their sight (from blindness or near-blindness) or by helping rebuild the lives of those who will never regain their sight. In over last 50 years, Sightsavers has impacted the lives of 55 million people with potential eye problems and carried out 36.4 million eye treatments.

Speaking on the campaign, Mr. RN Mohanty, Chief Executive Officer, Sightsavers said, “At Sightsavers, we believe in equality for all, people with disabilities or visual impairments have an equal right to achieve their dream with full potential that they own, just like everyone else. Independence Day is the day to cherish freedom and liberty of the nation. Through this campaign we are encouraging people to celebrate their freedom to learn and grow commencing that they face no discrimination. “

As we celebrate India’s independence, let us not forget that we will truly be free as a nation, if we celebrate freedom with others who do not enjoy it as much as us. This Independence Day, witness beautiful stories of change that have transformed lives of many across the country! Say with Manoj, Sudama, Arun and many like them:

#EyeAmFreeToLearn – Eye am free to learn

#EyeAmFreeToSee – Eye am free to see

#EyeAmFreeToEarn – Eye am free to earn

#EyeAmFreeToBe –Eye am free to be

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