Monday, March 30, 2020
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For social distancing Phixman seek Work from Home for their employees

Correspondent (Delhi) : The outbreak of the novel coronavirus had destroyed many things till now and it’s been a boon for doing work remotely in all the private-owned firms. The business should not stop and for this all the companies had announced work from home for all the employees in this lockdown situation. One of the tech giant Phixman has done the same and instructed all its employees to work remotely. Phixman is a service provider company who repairs cell phones, tablets and laptops of all major brands like Apple and Samsung. In this situation of Coronavirus, everything is lockdown and no one is allowed to go out on the streets everyone is on self-quarantine mode, but the working stuff is still getting up early and getting ready for work from home. There are some drawbacks of working remotely but it’s been seen that working from home makes employees more productive and less likely to quit. For employees, it’s a dream to be at home and working with a restful day spent in their own homes. At this point of time, people are more connected to phones and laptops. Conferences are done on video calls. People have set up their working space and made it comfortable for themselves. But on the other hand there’s been a big downfall in sales as well, all the stores are lockdown.Shaad Rehman, Founder of Phixman said, “This Virus has affected us globally and due to these cities and states are lockdown. At this point, working from home leaves us the only option and it’s a good one too. Employees are happier, it’s easier for them to work from home, and most importantly it’s going to increase employee loyalty which is very important for me. Yes, there are indeed some disadvantages too but it’s the best decision to make right now. Working from home can even make employees careless for this they should maintain a schedule as per routine for the whole day including all office and personnel work. They should also keep contact with every employee which will help them in missing or any important information. I request all the workers and employees to be safe and work hard at home.” 

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