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Winner at the 5th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards, Daggers of Treason

Daggers Of Treason is the first volume of a four volume series, entitled ‘The Curse Of The Mughals’. The journey begins from a cemetery in Chunar where a secret has lain buried for more than three centuries – a secret so enormous, that it could change Mughal history forever, and smash recorded history into a veritable pulp! The events and plots so devilishly cloaked, that historians could never come close to the truth.

The story begins from the birth of Prince Khurram (later emperor Shahjahan) in 1592 AD, exactly 1000 years from the Birth Of Islam, which impels the revered mystic, Mullah Mahmud from Indian, to proclaim the new born as the Millennium’s Most Fortunate Child! Emperor Akbar, similarly forewarned by a Hindu soothsayer Gobind, of the child’s impending greatness, takes him under his custody and entrusts his senior most queen, Ruqaiah Begum, to raise the young prince.

The young prince Khurram watches his father, Salim Jahangir’s dalliance with his exiled concubine, Anarkali, and the birth of a fellow prince. He is witness to his father’s rebellion, and the slow decay of his once powerful grandfather, emperor Akbar, as anguished by his favourite son’s revolt and poisoned in his own harem, Akbar slowly succumbs to the twin evils of ambition and revenge. This was not the first time that Salim Jahangir had tried to poison his father; Akbar had survived an attempt in 1591!

Declared as the WINNER at the 5th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards (Multicultural Fiction), Daggers of Treason is deeply researched from original Mughal documents and brings alive the imperial grandeur of ancient Mughal courts, where treachery, romance, love, poison, passionate sex and heart searing violence cohabit in an uneasy truce.

This book unveils the drama of Bundela treachery in the barren scrublands of Gwalior, the battle din of ghostly spirits at Khanua near Fatehpur Sikri, the privileges of royal ennobled cheetahs Chitt Ranjan and Madan Kali, the magnificence of the royal court, the sex, passion and treason of the royal harem. In this volume, the eternal intrigue surrounding Anarkali is finally laid to rest. Or, does it?

The treacherous slaying of emperor Akbar’s closest friend and advisor, Sheikh Abu’l Fazl by Bir Singh Bundela at the behest of a villainous prince Salim, led to the Sheikh’s Persian wife cursing the Mughals to eternal strife, fratricide and regicide. This curse was to travel through all the succeeding Mughal generations, where the killing and maiming of one’s own brothers and fathers remained an everlasting horror.

Discover amazing hidden facts on the Mughals, which remain shrouded in ancient Mughal documents. What was emperor Akbar’s real name, and what was his actual date of birth; who was Anarkali, and what happened to her?

Ride with the Mughals into the pages of yore, with this book and its forthcoming sequels, where history and fiction are so closely intertwined, that the reader is forced to consider – Was this the truth ?

This book, and the complete series has been signed for a Hollywood production recently, and Alice Neuhauser, the celebrated Hollywood producer in a Press Release said “We are excited about the prospect of developing Niraj’s book series into a Television program. TV has seen a number of epic historical-based dramas over the past decade. From Rome and Spartacus to Game Of Thrones, Vikings and Marco Polo it’s obvious that TV audiences are intrigued and intoxicated watching a world replete with greed, betrayal, sexual intrigue and rivalry, all the ingredients present in this epic Mughal adventure.”


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