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Crompton unveils its new Silent Pro range of fans with ActivBLDC Technology that are upto 2X silent and save up to 50% in electricity costs

Correspondent (Delhi) India’s market leader in the ceiling fan category, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. has unveiled its new futuristic design of fans called the Silent Pro powered by the ActivBLDC Technology. The latest addition to their premium portfolio of fans, the new Silent Pro fans with its aerodynamic design reduces air friction thereby providing superior air delivery. It is also 2X times more silent than regular fans and delivers upto 50% savings in electricity costs.

Home is a sanctuary of peace and calm where we leave all of our worries outside to de-stress and unwind. While fans generally create a cool and calm atmosphere at home, it becomes difficult to relax especially when fans create unnecessary and irritating noises throughout. As the exam season is also around the corner, parents, too, try to ensure their kids concentrate with no distractions/disturbance. However, instead of helping us rest or staying focused, fans – which become the very source of this noise, tend to keep us up all night and distract us from our tasks leading to concentration difficulty as well as affecting kids’ exam preparation. In order to addressthe unspoken need for silence, Crompton has, therefore, introduced the Silent Pro fans that delivers high airflow at very low noise levels. It is the perfect combination of elegant aesthetic looks, energy efficiency, high air deliveryand silent operation.

This aerodynamic design, which assures high performance in silence, also comes with a smart remote operation. At an air delivery of 240 CMM (cubic meters per minute), the Silent Pro fans delivers air comfort that rivals the best of the conventional fans available in the market. Powered by the ActivBLDC motor, the fan guarantees 50% power saving, thereby translating to 50% savings on your electricity cost– an approx. Rs 6000 in savings for average household running of 4 fans for the year. It works efficiently with a smart remote control which uses radio frequency (RF) technology, allowing you to point the remote anywhere for ease of operation. It also has an enhanced safety cable that prevents the fan from falling due to improper installation or wearing of parts.

The Silent Pro fan is available with an anti-dust coatingwhich ensures it is long lasting and easy to clean.The fan is available in four contemporary colors-Mist White,Charcoal Grey,Ballerina Pink and Chestnut Woodwith a price ranging from Rs. 4990 to Rs. 7990.

Speaking about the company’s latest range, Mr. Rangarajan Sriram, Vice President, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd said, added, The consumer is moving beyond just the functional benefit of the fan and is looking for various unique features that provide an all-round experience at home while providing value for money. The Crompton Silent Pro Enso fan is designed specifically keeping in mind this unique insight of operational silence that may not always be a key factor in the purchase decision but is growing in importance owing to the negative effects of noise on our mental wellbeing. More importantly relevant during a time like exams where children are unable to focus and concentrate due to background noise. We hope that these contemporary characteristics enable consumers to trust in our craftsmanship and in turn have a blissful experience at home.”

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