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RITES FY20 Revenue up by 22.1%, PAT up by 29.3% Final dividend of Rs 6 per share

Correspondent (Delhi) RITES Ltd. (NSE: RITES, BSE: 541556), the leading Transport  Infrastructure Consultancy and Engineering firm, announced its standalone and consolidated financial results for the Quarter and Year ended on 31st March, 2020.

       Highlights for FY20 Standalone Financials

  •        Total Revenue up by 23.1% to  Rs 2665 crore, highest ever
  • Achieved growth of 21.9% against targeted growth of 17% in operating revenue
  • Exports increased by 161.6% to Rs 541 crore
  • Profit After Tax up by 34.1% to Rs 596 crore, highest ever
  • Final Dividend of Rs 6 per share recommended by Board of Directors
  • Highest ever annual dividend of Rs 400 crore

     Highlights for FY20 Consolidated Financials

  • Total Revenue up by 22.1% to Rs 2735 crore, highest ever
  • Profit After Tax up by 29.3% to Rs 633 crore, highest ever
  • Order Book as on 31.03.2020 stands at Rs 6223 crore
  • EPS at Rs 24.64 as compared to last year’s Rs 18.78 up by 31.2%

   Highlights for Q4 FY20 Standalone Financials

  • Total Revenue stands at Rs 596 crore as against Rs 765 crore in Q4FY19
  • Profit After Tax stands at Rs 131 crore as against Rs 133 crore in Q4FY19
  • Margins maintained across segments

Highlights for Q4 FY20 Consolidated Financials

  • Total Revenue stands at Rs 614 crore as against Rs 789 crore in Q4FY19
  • Profit After Tax stands at Rs 144 crore as against Rs 150 crore in Q4FY19
  • EPS at Rs 5.56 as compared to last year’s Rs 5.81

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