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The whole world cannot resist the effect of Covid-19. In this pandemic situation, every individual has been suffering from some sort of issue whether it’s economically or personally. If we talk about India, the measurement of facing problems is bigger than in any country. India is a nation that faced a large number of migrant laborers who went to different cities because they didn’t have the proper amount of food and money. The documentary “Walking Under The Sun” put a clear light on the issue, which these laborers are facing and this documentary has also raised some critical questions on the government policies that are mandatory to get an answer.

“Walking Under The Sun” has made its way to get an official selection in this particular award ceremony by giving a mind-altering performance.


Global Indie Film Awards 2020

India talents film fest (season 1) 2020

India talents film fest (season 2) 2020

Wallet Film Festival 2020

Indian International Film Festival 2020

Travancore International Film Festival 2020

Nawada International Film Festival 2020

Independent films and Short film festival

Winemaking International Film Festival 2020, Dhaka, Bangladesh


The reality of Covid-19, which this documentary has shown, got some film awards as well.


Best Documentary in Global Indie Film awards 2020

Best Documentary in Indian International Film Awards 2020

Best Editor in Indian International film festival 2020

Internation short in Cinemaking International Film Awards 2020

If we talk about the maker of this documentary, you would imagine a person who has an older age and aged body but “Utkarsh Chaturvedi” is a person who has come out from this barrier and proved that age is just a number and talent has no boundaries.

“Utkarsh Chaturvedi” was born on November 1, 1999, in Mathura, India. He is one of the youngest filmmakers and film geek. He is doing his Film Appreciation from IIT Madras and also Pursuing his journalism Degree from Jagannath University. Along with this, he is a great flutist and storyteller and recipient of different awards, and his movie is awarded as Best Film in R.K.Film Festival. He is known for his recently famous short film Missing faces (2019). He also won Best Editor in Indian International Film Festival 2020


Here is the list below of cast and crew:


Director, Producer and Editing by Utkarsh Chaturvedi

Yash Kashyap (Cinematography)

Tanya Mehta, Shaheen Khan, Ravina (Research)

Shruti Dubey (Writer)

Gaurang Sahu (Music)

Osheen Akhlaq (Voice-Over)


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