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Happiness on Wheels – Trip Beyond Google Maps

Given how universal that sentiment is these days, it hard not to admire such initiative to promote music as a token of love and care to the remotest peoples in India via a journey named as “Happiness on Wheels – Ek Safar Sangeet ke sath” for being so far ahead of the COVID vibes.

He spent the COVID time by inventing original “Pahadi” Composition as he stuck in himalayas and he invented best of the vibes which mesmerize the environment and now when he’s ready to kick start the journey of music vibes till the remotest part in India for this he’s converting his traveller into a musical extravaganza.

With this initiative, the co-artist hopes to motivate little one to reconnect with music and message. The launch was done virtually by Vinay Rathore via their Rotten Guitars handle. He’s a Music Entrepreneur who is working from last 15 years for the upliftment of Art & Artist

In this initiative Vinay invited many other musicians having local footprints to make music with traditional approach and New-Age EDM. An incredible stash of great music emerged – which has the potential to heal various illnesses.

The philosophy behind this initiative is to build around my desire to travel and meet more people and help them as much as my team can do with the help of social media as it’s evident that many stories floated through social media create impact in the society recently was Baba Ka Dhaba.

As a guitar player, I have never been limited in my ability to travel; although there are some great guitars you can fit into your backpack, it just wasn’t the same as other heavy instruments. I wanted to build an environment where music is a synonym of love and well being.  This year we are going into Shivalik ranges and a place which boost me to plan such initiative a smaller and most astonishing place in Himachal Pradesh which you hardly find on Google Maps people called it place of Queen Chamba (“Pahado Ki Raani”)We have curated a selection of acoustic vibes as per mood across various young listeners’ age groups for the initiative to make them motivated. They have also planned some interesting year-long activities across the country. The events include Tribal Music launches, dramatised Vibes, musical storytelling, EDM, musical poetry sessions and much more in a bid to attract and motivate young minds.

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