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Home Credit launches Ujjwal card; a unique solution enabling instant loans

Correspondent (Delhi)Home Credit India, a local arm of the international consumer finance provider with operations spanning over Europe and Asia and committed to drive financial inclusion in India, customers can now avail quick, and easy loans with the newly launched Ujjwal Card. The card provides with instant limit for loans that customers can utilize immediately. The card also comes with a plethora of benefits exclusive to the card holders.

Benefits of the Card for the customers:

–       Ujjwal card offers instant limit to buy smartphones & home appliances

–       Ujjwal card limit can be used to buy mobile phones & home appliances across brands that are in partnership with Home Credit

–       Customers will have to go through KYC procedure at the enrolment of Ujjwal card and will be required to update only when details change

–       Flexibility of choosing convenient payment options and purchasing multiple products within the assigned limit

–       Various down payment options to choose from, to reduce loan amount

–       Easy and paper less application process through Home Credit mobile application

–       All details of available limit, loans and monthly outstanding can be tracked on Home Credit’s mobile application

–       Customers can buy another service with the card, Fin-Shield, a package of 3 services- life insurance of Rs.1,00,000, personal accident coverage up to Rs. 50,000 and payment holiday in case they miss to pay an EMI in a particular month. The payment holiday can be availed twice in the tenure of the card.

Speaking about the newly launched Ujjwal card, Mr. Marko Carevic, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, Home Credit India said, “Our vision is to offer holistic proposition to our customers, where they’d be able to leverage the expanse of both offline and online services through Ujjwal card. Along with offering services like Fin-Shield, and tracking one’s loans & monthly outstanding, Ujjwal card will be readily available for customers who would like to avail benefits of obtaining immediate loans. With instant limit, customers can make their purchases without waiting for approval of the loan amount and fulfil the dreams and aspirations of their loved ones. Keeping the consumer sentiment as our core focus, we constantly seek to upgrade our technology and services to give best customer experience with the brand.”

Home Credit recently launched new products: Bajaj Allianz General Insurance’s Family Healthcare Insurance and Pocket Insurance (Credit linked Health plan & Group Guard Insurance) under its Insurance portfolio for existing and new customers.

Along with Insurance, other services like VAS, mobile insurance also fall under the ambit of Home Credit’s product offerings.

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